Zipping files for ember on windows


So I have been trying to use some of the custom functionality like varislice and pattern mode that requires me to use my own .png files (i.e. outside the printstudio interface) and I have run into an issue creating .zip or .tar.gz files that the ember can read. Whenever I zip something manually either with the windows built-in compression or with 7zip the ember gives an “error reading file” message. However if i zip the exact same files using my coworkers macbook, it loads and prints fine. Has anyone else had this problem or know of any other workarounds other than borrowing my friends mac every time i want to print? I was paging through the Ember Instructables screenshots and it looks like they are mostly taken on macs, so maybe there aren’t as many PC users of the Ember. I am on an intel thinkpad running windows 10, for what it’s worth.
Thanks guys! any help would be appreciated!


Ah never mind, creating a zip file on windows WITHOUT the containing folder with 7zip loads just fine (selecting all the individual images and print settings file, right click and zip) , If i could delete the post i would, but maybe it will help some one else :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry, someone else will definitely find this useful. Thanks for posting!