Zip Files


Hi all,

I have a bit of a head scratcher. None of my zip files compressed through the default archive utility on my mac pro (running OSX High Sierra) are going through to the Ember. However, my friend who is using the same laptop, running the same OS, and using the same archive utility is able to compress zip files that the Ember accepts. What’s going on? Does anyone else have this problem?


A couple of things to check:

  1. Can you load a known good file from your computer - say one that your friend has successfully loaded?
  2. Can your friend load the file you are trying to create from their computer?

If you can load their file and they cannot load yours, then it’s likely an error in the file you are trying to create. This is especially true if you made any modifications to the printsettings file manually. I have found that sometimes I need to go through my file line-by-line looking for my mistake. Sometimes, I just need to scrap the modified file and start over from a known good one.