Z-axis over lift before separation slide modification


is there any modifications that can be done to the system or build parameters to add a Z-axis overlift before the separation slide so the build head lifts up and then the separation slide occurs or they build head lifts at the same time the separation slide happens so the part and pdms separate clean to stop the friction caused by the separation slide


djackson - if you have not already seen this, this link has very good information on why the slide happens - as it's suction force that prevents us from lifting straight up.


However, I like the idea of being able to slide and lift at the same time. Since the suction force is the real limiter, it would be great if the there was a way to monitor the force of Z lift (voltage variation from motor?). That way if at first the suction force was too high, the slide action starts. As soon as the Z lift force was within an acceptable range, the slide stops and the Z lift completes.

This would speed things up for the layers that have very little cross sectional area, and by not needing to go the entire 60° slide rotation in most cases.