Warping of prints with small features


I did once - before I really knew what I doing. Needless to say it wasn’t very successful. I was trying to use it as an in-fill vs. the entire structure. Getting the ‘pattern’ right in MeshMixer was a bit of a trick as I recall.

How about you? Is this something you’re successful with?



I tried using nTopology but the stl files just don’t want to print. The layers don’t adhere to one another.

I need to make lattices with different cell geometries, however, being super new to CAD in general, designing those are so daunting. So I tried Meshmixer and nTopology but they just don’t want to print…


I’m not familiar with nTopology.

For MeshMixer tutorials Try these videos…



There’s also the old Spark Lattice Tool, which is easy to use once you disable the error screen:



Was this issue ever resolved? If so, what worked?

I ask because I’m having a similar problem where the print is warping/rippling through the layers in the direction of the tray rotation.

I’ve tested slowing the motion, raising the zlift, and increasing the wait time between steps, but haven’t gotten any results. (This effect is consistent across materials)

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you



I was not really able to get away from it. Part of me feels like it has to do with the shrinkage of the polymer upon curing but I am not sure. I did improve it a little but by rotating my print to minimize the impact of the movement of the resin tray.


Could you post a photo of what you’re seeing? Most of my prints need to be very flat, so it would be good to collaborate on a solution (if there is one).


Here is an example of what I’m experiencing. You can see the ripples mirror eachother on each side of the cylinder as if the tray is sliding back and forth throughout the print.

This was the orientation of the print on the tray.


I’ll give this some thought tonight and examine some of my past parts for evidence of this exact condition.


So, I’ve been looking back at my prints and don’t see this happening. It looks as though there is a sinusoidal wave effect. Can you share the tar.gz file or other images that indicate what this looks like on the inside (hollow, infilled, wall thickness, etc…)?


Unfortunately I can’t share the files, but that is a good instinct. The object has a pyramid shaped registration cavity within.

This was also my first thought, but when I printed a solid triangular wedge to test if this was a factor, I noticed the same rippling effect.


Do you see this on ALL prints, or only this one?

If you think about how the printer operates - with the build head theoretically move straight up and the projector image fixed in position - the condition you see shouldn’t be possible.

However, if the build head isn’t moving exactly straight up, if there’s any flex or movement in the XY axis, then it may be possible.

Do you have access to a good dial indicator? If you do, you could try rigging something up to measure the movement of the build head during it’s up and down stroke. I’ve done this with the build tray rotation and flex, but not with the head movement.

If there is any movement, you could try tightening all the screws and maybe the gibs just a little on the linear slide (I’m not sure how though).