WARNING: Read this before upgrading to Print Studio 1.6


Before you upgrade Print Studio, write down any custom settings you wish to preserve. The upgrade will delete any custom settings made in previous versions. Once you download version 1.6, you will have to reenter those custom settings manually.

We are working on a better solution, but in the meantime, we suggest taking screenshots or writing down any settings values you do not want to lose.

Download Print Studio 1.6


I lost all my custom settings. Luckily, I had another computer with all the custom settings saved! Print Studio 1.6 seems to be Super Fast compare to 1.5!




Thanks for the heads up Sam.

Where can we find the changelog for Print Studio 1.6?
Is this the release version?
I was hoping for a couple of fixes, ie the option to have the default printer always selected, to be able to sent a print after slicing. Currently you have to go and select it manually.

PS: I'm referring to windows version.



Yes, this is the release version.

The changelog can be found in Print Studio by going to Help > Help menu. Here's a direct link: http://help.autodesk.com/view/PRNSTU/ENU/