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I have been running the same VAT for almost 2 months now. It's not seen constant usage, but it's the longest any VAT has lasted for me. When I start to see some clouding on the PDMS window, I use a little bit of acetone and a lens cleaning paper and wipe it off. It has done a fair job of cleaning off the surface layer of film that has built up.

I created this block that I use to hold the tray up at an angle when not in use. I have found though that it's not Poke-a-yoke and other users put it in place in all sorts of ways... maybe a future rev.

It also will likely not work so well with the 'new tray' that I hear is coming soon.

PS - what's the best way to share the tar.gz file?

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It's beautiful Scott !


Awesome that you found a way to extend tray life! Thanks for posting this.


I know this is an older post, but I finally got around to updating my tilt block. The first one had some ‘user interface’ issues and most people ended up using it incorrectly. This one should be a bit more straight forward. Since the file size is too large to post here - try this link:


after printing - remove these supports:


Wow, super cool! Thanks for posting this. Your contributions to this forum are much appreciated.

I will eventually get the CAD for the new trays, it’s just taking forever because I have to go through several people to get it.


Update: the new tray CAD file has been posted here.


Hi Scott! Have you tried this with the new ember tray? Will it fit the new tray? TIA!


It didn’t. I have made several modification, but haven’t printed the latest ones. In reality, all you need is something to tip the tray up to drain the resin off the window. I’ve resorted to using all sorts of things in the past. What I do know is that it works. Most of my trays have now lasted several months, vs. the several weeks I was getting before.


Updated tray tilt block - finally!
Here is the STL file for my latest ‘tray tilt block’ that lets the tray be stored with the resin pooled to one side to increase PDMS life. It works with both old and new trays, is reversible, and prints 2 at a time.

Remove supports highlighted in blue

Photos (17).zip (9.9 MB)

tm16-0002-308 rev3 TILT TRAY SUPPORT.STL (328.9 KB)

Inconsistent printing