Updating projector for pattern mode


I am trying to update my projector so that it can handle pattern mode. I have been following the instructions in the Ember manual.

In step 3, I am told that after I press and hold the left button on the “Ready” screen, if the projector is not already upgraded, the left button will be labeled as “Upgrade projector”. In my case, nothing shows up. Does that mean that the projector was updated already? I never updated it, but someone used it before me so maybe they did it in the past.


Here are a few things to check:

  1. Are you using firmware version 3.2?
  2. When the printer is sitting idle between jobs, is the projector completely off (not dimly on)?

If 1=yes and 2=yes, your projector has been upgraded already.
If 1=yes and 2=no, your printer needs an I2C cable in order to upgrade (request one here)
If 1=no, you need to update to 3.2 in order to enable Pattern Mode


Yes to both. I should be good!


Great! I would test without resin first to make sure it works.