Updated now Ember doesn't work


I saw this in a previous post but not sure what to do…I am just trying Netfab to print (not thrilled with the layout compared to the ease of print studio)
and i got a error saying to update my firmware which I did thru emberprinter.com
Now embers lights just spin…nothing.

Tried rebooting…same.

Please help Ember guru’s


The prior update was with a sd card you sent.
I assumed that I could update via the site?


THe prior update sd card was 3.0


I recently tried to update via emberprinter.com and it didn’t work either. I was going to try again with a formatted sd card, just hadn’t gotten around to it.

I don’t have a solution for you - I would submit a trouble ticket. Owen gets these notifications fasters.


I found my SD card and used it to restore the machine it works now.


Did get the new update to work by the way!