Hello all ,I was wondering what every one is using for putting on the supports ,i use the studio one and the B9 ,my problem is that the supports go where i don,t want them to go ,is there a simple solution for that ? the supports go in the fine designs and are very hard to get out, do you remove the supports before or after procuring ? i am still a bit new with this technology,thank you



You will find that supports are trouble no matter what program you use. MeshMixer has a pretty good system and custom placement is fairly easy.

For my needs (unique as they are), I find that creating the supports in the CAD program as a part of the file itself is the best. After a while, you start to understand where the supports are needed and then it's just easier to place them yourself - avoiding the critical features that always seem to get in the way on the auto-gen support programs.

I will usually fully cure the part before removing the supports.