Tray rotates the wrong direction when starting a print


So I’ll start by saying this is likely my fault…
Lately, when I start a print, the tray rotates the wrong direction (clockwise )and jams up when I start a print (homing routine). I have to grab the tray and force it back into position while the head comes down. What settings in '/var/smith/config/settings' control this, and what should they be?


I’m guessing it’s RHomingAngleMilliDegrees, which should be -60000.


Have it set @0 - carry over from Zero Rotation builds (working curve trials).
I’ll change it and see if that works. I think this is something that I can add to the printsettings file in Brackets, similar to PatternMode. That way the default is -60000 and I only change it for custom prints in the printsettings file after export.