Tip: Adding Base Under Supports


Here's a little tip I found that I wanted to share with everyone. Sometimes when I remove the supports from the build head, the force shears off some of the supports and a chunk of the part too! I found this happens with complex geometry with lots of folds. So I got the idea of exporting the STL with the supports from Print Studio and reimporting that into Meshmixer to add a support base/plate. This works out great for removing the part from he build head and also snipping off the strongest supports that aren't otherwise easy to remove. Cheers!

Has anyone been having constant problems with support attachment points with print studio

I also use a bed on every piece I print, my favorite thickness is .35mm. It does not come out that thin because of the overexposure needed for the initial layers, but keeps the lower structure flexible enough to avoid breaking during removal.


I have recently switched to .15mm bed thickness.
No probs with adhesion.