Hello ,i am very new just got my ember last week .already 20 models printed ,but i do have a small problem with the supports ,there are so many of them and sometime in places i don,t want them to be ,i use artcam jewelsmith as my cad program and i can do supports in there but when i load it in the studio it gives me more supports ,that i don,t need ,how can i prevent and fix my problem ?thank you for allowing on this forum



Hi Johan,

To turn automatic support generation on or off in Print Studio, click on the Object Browser link on the bottom right corner, as shown below:

More info:


thank you Shalom that is very helpful ,wow i like this printer no fails i could use the supports i have made in artcam ? great



Glad to hear it! Yes, you can generate supports using whatever software you wish, and use the above process to turn off support generation in Print Studio.

Happy 3D printing!