Support completely merged with the part


I’ve been printing my part with the black resin until now, and have had no trouble with the supports, with only the tips attached and able to peel off easily.
However as soon as I switched to the Standard clear resin, the supports have been completely merged to the part (except for the edges), and I have had to sand the supports off. I haven’t changed any of the other settings, only the resin. What settings should I change to have this issue resolved? Below is a picture for reference.

Thank you!


Are you using Print Studio? If you are, have you tried to use the ‘Standard Clear’ settings file?


The only difference in the supports is the ‘Support angle tolerance’ is 60° vs 80° for the Autodesk CMYK, so I’m not sure if it will change much. If it doesn’t, try changing the support tip radius from 0.125mm to 0.100mm.


Hi, thanks for the advice.
I tried printing it with a test part, and that worked, but it still appears to be merged when I print the whole device.
I am using Print Studio with Standard Clear selected, and I have decreased the support tip radius.
Would it change anything if I changed the support tip offset?

I have also tried to add manual supports instead, so I can print the flat part (the part which gets merged) without supports and the others with normal supports. However, Print Studio doesn’t allow me to have the surface on the build surface while adding manual support. Is there a way to get around this?


Changing the tip offset should help too. I would back it off a little at a time to avoid ‘non-attached’ supports from generating.

I’ve stopped using supports in PS, bit several colleagues still do, so my advice is a bit rusty.

I typically create my own supports in SolidWorks at this point, as it gives me ultimate control. There isn’t a way to add supports and have the part flush with the build surface that I’m aware of.