Slicing on taking eternity or not working?


Hi, I primarily use to print as we have the ember in a fume hood and we don’t really want cables and a PC in there.

Problem is the slicing is not working now and I have no way to print. I’ve tried it on a number of PCs and models and none seem to work.

Any info on whether you know about this problem?


Thanks for reporting this – I’m seeing the same thing. I’ve put in a request to our IT people to take a look at it.


I’m still waiting to hear back, but in the meantime you can use Print Studio to send jobs to the printer over your network, or use a USB thumbdrive. See all the methods of sending jobs to the printer here. To connect Print Studio to your Ember, read here.


Ok, it’s fixed!


hey I’ve tried to use
but it looks like always keep processing forever and i cannot take the output