Separation Slide Velocity using NetFabb


Hi I am printing a rather big cross sectional part and have had problems jamming. To fix this I decreased the separation slide velocity to 0.75, when I close the method and go back to look at it again. The separation slide velocity has become 0. Surely separation slide velocities of 0.75 are possible, I think the software is just treating the number weirdly.

Just thought I’d let you guys know.


While not a NetFabb user (yet), the solution to your issue seems spot on. If you don’t have issues running the print with the 0.75 but do when using 1.0, then I would agree that the software is just not displaying the value correct.

Does NetFabb output a file you can open in brackets? If so, maybe you can check the output file.
Another way to know would to be SSH into the printer and check the printer settings once the job is loaded.