Rotate platform after each layer


Hi there,

I want to rotate the platform 360 degrees after every 10 layers. There are several paths that I’ve been trying.

  1. try to generate a custom print file that will asks the printer to rotate at specific location, so far I couldn’t find a way to achieve this at all.
  2. use the build-in smith command, I can pause and resume at a layer, but there is no way to rotate.
  3. use the build-in zee motor command, these commands can rotate, but it will interrupt the original flow and cannot resume to the original print job. In other words, calling zee commands makes the printer lose the job process.

Anyone knows how to fixed any of the above method? Or new idea on how to achieve this?

Another approach that I haven’t tried is to modify the firmware to add a new smith command “PauseAndRotate”, but that requires much deeper understanding of the firmware. I am not sure how feasible that is.



Use a layersettings.csv file to control the printer at specific layers.
Below I link to an example that stops the tray from rotating. Instead, try changing the value to rotate 360 degrees.



Wouldn’t this cause the build head to collide with the resin tray upon rotating?

If my understanding is correct, there is first a ModelRotationMillidegrees for separation, then a ModelZLiftMicrons up, then another ModelRotationMillidegrees approach rotation (before dropping by something close to ModelZLiftMicrons down). Since the separation and approach share the same ModelRotationX parameter, and because the order of the layer commands has the lift in the middle, this would make the head rotate 360 before you could lift it clear of the resin tray.


Valid point - I didn’t think of the order of operations.

If the program allows for a negative value in the layer height you may be able to fake it.


layer 1 = layer thickness 100um, rotate 60, Z lift to 9mm
layer 2 = layer thickness 9000um, exposure 0, Z lift 0, rotate 360
layer 3 = layer thickness -8900um

The Z lift between layer 1 and 2 raises the build head over the tray. Layer two just rotates. Layer 3 drops down below the tray again.

Likely won’t work due to the negative layer value…