what is the best resin to use on the ember i have been using the IC-142 but my casting is not coming out well the print is great but after curing the cast comes out very bad special with letters and small claw setting on rings is there a better resin out there that will cast better? i am getting very frustrated when i have to cast some models 3 to 4 times and still with no luck. HELP ,thank you


I use B9C Yellow resin, and it works well with very tiny letters. Only problem is PDMS get clouds after 5-6 prints.



if @Yannis_Vauthier is still monitoring this forum, he would know…


Thank you patrick

Johan Schutte

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Thank you, Scott



That makes it more expensive but maybe worth it, you b9 yellow for everything? Or just for small print Johan



I use it for everything. Please make sure that you aware of serious PDMS clouding issue with B9 Yellow resin before you start using B9 Yellow. I can only get about 4 model prints from same spot before PDMS clouding.



I use the IC 131 casting resin and have had good success. I have had prong as small as .5 mm come out. Are you blowing out and vacuuming the flasks before you cast? This is to get all the ash out. What investment are using?
As for recessed lettering, that is a different problem, what I have gathered is the resin expands a little when it burns out and breaks the investment. I have tried numerous combo and it still hit and miss if it comes out. You can contact me and I can try to give you some helpful hints. 775-771-2956