does anyone use the IC 142 resin and do you have success with it? i have been trying to make it work but it keep on jamming on me ,i did however had a few prints and the were great ,no cracking easy to cure ,does anyone have the settings for this resin ?


Jamming usually comes from 2 things:

  1. Over Exposure: Solution is to turn down the exposure value
  2. Suction/Vacuum force: Solution is to turn down the rotation speed to 1 or less

I have had one other jamming method on a tall print. The print would tilt and wedge during separation. I had to add supports and turn down the rotation speed.


Hi Scott

Thank you for getting back to me so fast, I am new at this ,so where do I turn down the rotation speed ? I did turn down the exposure to 1.4 in the first layer ,

Thank you for your help



In your material properties settings, under Advanced Settings, change the setting called “Separation slide velocity” for each layer type.