Resin Tray Rotation


Hello everyone!

I would like to ask, how to turn off resin tray rotation between layers?
I was trying to set up separation/approach slide velocity to 0 RPM and angle of rotation to 0 deg as well. However this doesn’t help and printer shows an error or says resin tray jammed.

What else can I do?


Hello Edvinas! Check out this thread:


Dear Owen,

Thank you for your quick response. The instructions were helpful and it worked. What I am trying to do is Working Curve Measurement experiment. First of all I tried it with PR48 resin. It worked. Only one thing was: I didn’t know how to turn off the rotation of tray.
Next step I am going to do is to try polymerize our self prepared linseed-oil based resin. However, the initiator we use is not sensitive for 405 nm wavelength. We will try to replace it with another one and we will repeat the experiment. We hope we will be able to print naturally derived resin in near future!

I will let you know about any successfull results.



Very exciting! According to the projector info page, the PRO4500 will accept various Luminus Devices LEDs including the CBT-39, PT-39, PT-40, and also RGB. Optical coatings are optimized for 381-650nm.

Best of luck!