Resin tray jams as soon as print starts


Right after I calibrate my build head the when the resin tray rotates it jams and the error message “Resin Tray Jammed: Attempting to Autocorrect” pops up. I test the tray and it spins correctly. It’s also at the right location. Has anyone come across this before? I’m still new here and I’m not sure what’s happening…


I had this happened to me yesterday, I wanted to test if I could control better the height of the model when I print with no supports.

I squeezed out the resin during calibration by rotating the build plate clock/anticlockwise before I tighten the Allen screw.
Essentially, I created a strong vacuum between platform and PDMS.

TLDR: Don’t push or swing platform during calibration :slight_smile:


Turn your First Layer separation down to 1 RPM - as Yianni says, you’re creating a very strong vacuum. The lower RPM increases the motor torque and lets it overcome this.


Those are some very bright ideas. I implemented them but the issue persisted. It jams in the very first tray rotation. This has never happened before in video mode. I wonder if it has anything to do with the new code implemented for pattern mode, although I do not think it should. I will try again tomorrow morning, and call tech support if I can’t figure it out.


This advise from Scott did the trick for me when I had the same problem before. Thanks Scott!


Figured it out… Apparently my previous failed print left a big cured chunk in the bottom, causing the jamming. Since I was using clear resin I did not notice this until I removed the tray. Always remember to clean the tray after every failed print…Beginner mistake! :sweat_smile:


Geeee - that’s NEVER happened to me! :wink:
Glad it’s solved.


Ahh, yes, did not think about that possibility. Another reason to have the sweeper installed.
Even if it doesn’t clear the debris, it will make them visible during the first layer.


I am unfortunately getting a new issue with this. An error indicating “Resin tray jammed. Manually rotate the resin tray plate” pops up as soon as my print starts. I checked with no resin tray at all, yet again I get the same error. What this means, I believe, is that there is something wrong with the sensor. I found here how to maybe solve the issue, but since this involves taking the Ember apart, I wanted to check with you guys. Has anyone else experienced this issue before? Any alternative solutions to the problem posted?


You can get around this by turning off Detect Jams, either by SSHing into the printer settings and setting DetectJams to 0, or via if you’ve paired your printer.


Great, that is exactly the kind of tip I was hoping for :slight_smile: Thanks!


If I SSH, the command root@ember: “DetectJams” : 0 should do it, right?


Just solved it by going to the printsetiings file of my tarball and adding that one line. Thanks!


Awesome! Yes, that’s the one.


I have selected “Detect jams”:0 via SSH. I double checked this a couple of times and it is effectively equal to 0. However, when I start the print I still get the message “Resin tray jammed. Attempted to autocorrect”. Is there any way to solve this issue.


Hmmm that’s odd. It should be turned off. By any chance is it present in your printsettings file?