Resin poured to the Ember


Hello, everyone,

I faced with a big problem. During one print first layer adhered to the build head and PDMS window so strongly, that all the PDMS window was pulled out together with the build head. The whole resin leaked out from the tray to the Ember. My question is, if the resin could get into internal side of the Ember? It seems, like a gear which rotates the tray moves with a resistance now. If the resin leaked inside, what the consequences should I expect?

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Unfortunately yes, resin has leaked into the inside of your printer. Luckily the resin is not conductive, so it can’t cause a short circuit and damage the electronics, but it can sometimes prevent the machine from booting up until it is wiped away. But if your printer is still working, it should be ok. If the tray rotates with resistance now, resin may have gotten into the bearings. Try running a print with no tray and no build head, and see if it jams. If it does, then you’ll need to send it in for repair (unless you feel comfortable taking the printer apart and replacing the bearing yourself). I also recommend unscrewing the grey front panel and wiping up any resin that you see inside the printer.

I’m sorry this happened! Check your messages for a follow-up.


Happened to me before…

I took the front off, and mopped up all the resin inside. Took about 2 hours but there was no damage to the printer.

It was because I was using the old style resin tanks, which I really recommend people stop using… afterwards i realised a few of my other trays were very close to breaking too… a light push with my finger popped off the PDMS on two other trays, so it would have happened again I’m sure if I’d used them. the new trays are much safer in this regard.


Thank you for sharing the experience!
Yes, I tried run the device without tray and build head. It worked the same
as before the accident. Than I let it work in ordinary print. I noticed
nothing unusual. It seems like printer works fine. I don’t ant take apart
the device, I’ll try to take of the front panel to see what is inside. I
will let you know about it.

Thank you!

Edvinas Skliutas


Great! Hopefully it will keep working with no problems.