Remove objects printed on build platform


I have printed some parts directly on build platform in order to increase resolution for the first layers and avoid the rough surface or uncured resin that sometimes results from using supports in a first layer parallel to the build platform. I have been successful in removing small objects. However, I have a harder time removing bulkier prints, especially when I pay close attention to not damaging or scratching the part. I am removing the part from the platform after post-curing since in that case the part would be stronger, and therefore harder to damage (but also bonded more strongly to the platform) Does anyone have a systematic way of approaching this? Maybe using some chemicals or changing temperatures would make the detaching process smoother?

I have tried using a sharp edge before and it worked. However, some of my prints would not accept this kind of geometry change



This can be very difficult! It seems to be worse with the more viscous materials too. For me, a razor blade, IPA, and a lot of work is my only method. If you find a better method let me know! I already had a co-worker go to the hospital and get 6 stitches because he was trying to remove a part with the red handled tool while holding the Build Head and slipped!


This is the only way I print. Try these:

  1. Use a sharp paint scraper, gently but with some force press from a corner (if you look closely you can see the part peel off), repeat from other corners and it will pop off eventually.
  2. If possible design a chamfer onto the edges that contact the build plate, this makes 1 easier.
  3. Try swapping out the material of the build plate to reduce the adhesive force between the part and the build plate. I was trying to 3D print UV cure epoxy once, and having a terrible time getting it off of the metal build plate, but swapping it out for silicone or acrylic helped somewhat.

Best, Martin


Like Martin, I try not to use supports either. I have the best luck spraying with IPA and then sliding a razor blade under one corner (before post-curing). Anodized aluminum works as an alternative build plate material, and makes it easier to detach parts.


Thanks, everybody! I bought a razor blade and did it immediately after print finished and that did the trick. Even parts that take up all the print area come off super easily now :slight_smile:


Funny you should say that Scott. I had the exact same thing happen to me last year while trying to remove a part from the build plate. Needed six stiches on my left index finger. We now hold the build plate with an angle style cradle vise and slowly and lightly work the red removal tool under the part. Sometimes a light tap on the handle of the removal tool with a small hammer can help things along.