Problems loading file to printer "Error loading file"



I’m having trouble uploading files to the Ember. When I try to upload a print file to the Ember, the printer displays the message “Error loading file”.

I doubt this is a problem with the files themselves. I tried to upload new files and files that have previously print just fine via a thumb drive and the computer USB connection (tar.gz files).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!


Are you saying that no files will upload?
Did you try unplugging the Ember to allow it to reset?


Yes, that’s right. I can’t upload files anymore. I’ve tried turning it off and on. No luck unfortunately


Sound serious enough for an official trouble ticket. @OwenSmithyman


It looks like the support.ember.autodesk website is down - or removed… :frowning_face:


If you’re using a usb drive make sure your print file is in a folder called ‘EmberUSB’