Problem with manual supports


Some supports dont touch the wall, we can see that it rest some space for


Hello! I don’t quite understand. Can you post a picture of the problem? Also please post a screenshot of your setup in Print Studio.


For example when we work with a ring when we put inside brackets we one points of areas to add brackets when we select the second point the tip of the support not touch to the ring, is in the air



Perhaps in this photo we can see better, some brakets dont touch in the wall ring


Hello, I show you another picture that you can see better that the breaks dont touch the botton wall ring

antoni calaf


Thank you for the screenshots! I understand the issue now. That is very strange behavior. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know why it’s doing that, because Print Studio development and support have stopped. I would recommend modeling your supports manually in your CAD program the way @Yianni-VJ does – see here. Alternatively, you could use Netfabb, which is harder to use but is much better at this type of support.