Printing Encapsulated Pores


I am trying to print entirely encapsulated hollow structures (ex. a 1x1x1 cube) inside of a 3 mm thick layer.
I am wondering if this is possible with the Ember. I am thinking that it should be possible if I give enough time between layer curing that all uncured resin has a chance to drip off the plate, making sure that no uncred resin will be left in the cubic pore.
Any other thoughts? Or is this not possible?
Thanks ahead of time!


I think it might be easier to pause the printer before capping, remove the build head, completely clean the part on the build head, replace it, and resume. Just letting the part ‘drip dry’ will never fully remove the uncured resin.
If you can stand a thin layer of uncured resin, I would then find the thinnest resin you can that doesn’t react with the PDMS window. If you don’t mind scrapping a tray, FunToDo makes a very thin resin. Just know that you will scrap the PDMS after one build.


To echo Scott, this is typically difficult to do, because uncured resin coats all the surfaces. I don’t know of a way to prevent this other than what Scott suggested (and even then you’d have to manually deposit the first few layers worth of resin onto the PDMS with a pipette or spatula after cleaning the part, because if you dunk the cleaned part into a tray full of resin, it will just become coated with resin again.)


Good point Owen. I didn’t think about the resin level in the tray.