Printer Calibration




Is there a list of all the printer commands that actually CAN be used in the printersettings file? It seems there are a few that do work if you include them vs having to SSH in to change them.


Yes, this document should show everything: Ember Print and Printer Settings.pdf (131.3 KB)


Thanks for the very useful information!
However… this doesn’t actually answer the question of which of the Printer Settings listed in this chart can actually be used in the ‘printsettings’ file (without producing an error and having the expected result).


Hmm, I would think that any command listed as a Print Setting would be able to be used in the printsettings file, and any command listed under Printer Settings would not. Have you found otherwise?


Is there a reason why the overpress settings (overpress, overpress velocity, overpress return velocity, in 2.0 or higher firmware) are not shown in that PDF? According to this Instructable these definitely play a role in Z-dimension accuracy.

I have just obtained some prints where the Z-direction accuracy was not great for the first layers, and I was planning to play with these settings.


Hi Scott, could you by any chance share the solidworks model of the tray mounting plate you described here?


Just tried - file is too large. :smirk:


Ok, no problem! I just measured my prints and after implementing the empty tray calibration routine I’m still 170 microns oversized in the Z direction. Hopefully I can still make some improvements from here!


I thought you were talking about the Working Curve fixture. Following the link, I think you might be talking about the support plate.

Are you using SolidWorks? Here is the SLDPRT file and a PDF drawing.
TM16-0002-305 peel plate MOD.PDF (44.8 KB)
TM16-002-305 Peel Plate MOD.sldprt (373.6 KB)


Great, thank you! Yes, I do use solidworks