Print Studio Help Needed


Hi, I’m using Print Studio for the very first time to try & create print files for Ember (Previously I used the functionality in Autodeask Artcam but following a driver update which I can’t reverse it has starting printing solid).

Print Studio appears to create slices no problem & Ember accepts the files & tries to print but the resin tray is not rotating the correct amount to align the light with the glass plate. Can anyone advise how to correct please?


If the issue occurs in the middle of the print, there may be an issue with your z axis over lift being too short. Over curing resin on each layer can also cause prints to stick to the PDMS and partially interrupt the swing motion away or back to the print position.
In the advanced settings area of the settings menu, you can copy the profile you are using and play with settings in the copied version.


Hi Thanks for your reply. Your help is appreciated. We are using PR48 resin which is clear so I used the Clear resin settings that were already in Print Studio. I’ve attached a jpg with the settings shown. I’m a total newbie so please excuse my ignorance but is there anything that looks obviously wrong please?.


Try turning on “Rotation Homing for Approach”