Print studio 1.6 - export stl function


I import model with errors and use AutoFix function in Print Studio 1.6. My model is completely fixed and I use Export function. When I re-import the Exported model, I still get errors. If I AutoFix the model and Export it, then shouldn't Export function Export fixed model instead of model with errors?




Thanks for the report, Patrick!

The UX designer from Print Studio, Leslie, writes:

"I believe the issue is actually with the stl file format not being able to be written out with the repairs (I would have to check with our dev team). If you can advise customers to use (The brand new!) File>Save instead of export and reimport this would address the problem. Export and re-import of .stl should really be avoided."

Let me know if that solves your issue.


Since Print Studio has Export function anyway, it will be great if it can Export Repaired version of models. If it only exports Unrepair version of models, Export function seems to be useless, doesn't it? Or SaveAs .stl will work as well if it can save Repaired version of models as STL file.

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Good points, Patrick. I've conveyed your feedback to the Print Studio team. Thanks!


I just came in to say that 3MF is a very promising successor to STL. It's expected that all of us will switch to 3MF and stop using STL altogether.

Rhino3D 5.0 (that many CAD Jewelry Modelers use) does not currently support 3MF, but R6.0 does.

I would also like to add that Print Studio is not the best application for Mesh repair I used, but it addresses very well and very fast all the fixing issues that relate to 3D printing. I m very happy with its performance in this aspect.


Thanks for the info. I use Rhino3d 5 for Windows and Mac. I guess I am just going to have to wait for next version.


I'm a bit late to this party....

When I have issues with STL files from PS or SolidWorks, I drop the file into MeshMixer. Click Analysis>Inspector>Auto Repair all (even if nothing is found). Then Export and overwrite the original file. So far this has proven to be the simplest, most reliable method.


You are a LIFESAVER!! Thank you so much!