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We purchased Ember on recommendation from a Delcam (Autodesk subsiduary) representative in the UK & they sold us Artcam Jewelsmith at the same time. They have now discontinued Jewelsmith without warning & I am concerned about what will happen if Jewelsmith stops working. Can anyone advise me if there is any free software that can be used to add supports to models & create print files for Ember please. Many thanks.


Don’t worry, there are several pieces of free software that will work with Ember. Here are a few:

  • Print Studio for Mac or Windows
  • Netfabb (30 day premium trial, but after that you can operate it in “unlicensed mode” and still use a lot of features for free – see my video for getting started)
  • Formware Slicer (not free but very affordable)

Print Studio is the default software for Ember, so I recommend starting with that if you haven’t used it yet.


Thanks Owen


Hi, I’ve just been trying Netfabb for the first time, when I send the print to Ember its telling me there is an error and my Firmware may need updating, I’m on 3.0.20160315.0 - is there a setting in Netfabb that the Ember can’t handle or something? Thanks!


Possibly Pattern Mode. Do you have a specific reason for staying at 3.0? If not, I would update to firmware version 3.2.


Did the Firmware update, working now, thanks!




Hmmmm - I’m now getting a warning saying ‘Access violation’ when I try and add support? Any ideas?


What version of Netfabb are you using? Sometimes that kind of issue can be solved by updating to the latest version. It can also often be solved by restarting your computer (pedestrian, but often very effective).


Still stuck, don’t know why, it worked when we first installed it. Have removed and reinstalled, still no joy :-/ Any other software’s that you recommend?


Hmm, can you email me your Netfabb project? I can try it over here and see if I get the same error. Unfortunately I don’t have any other recommendations.