PR48 and its development


I think its really great that you have released the formula of PR48 as it helps all the hobbyists as well as the professionals. I was just wondering if you would ever consider releasing the other 47 that came beforehand and why they were scrapped. I feel this will help as it saves people trying the same formula you already have, or maybe one of the first 47 have a property someone is really interested in. As a hobbyist myself I think it would be useful to be able to learn from your testing. Without having to carry a lot of similar tests myself.
Thanks for your help


Hi Christopher,

Good idea, but the other 47 resins weren’t documented in a readable fashion, and there is sensitive IP involved in the overall process, mostly around other resin components that were used. Sorry about that!


Hi Owen,I’m

Thanks for your help. I thought that might be the case.

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