Post-cure methods analysis


FormLabs just announced a new parts washer and curing oven:


yup, looks pretty. Not 100% convinced that cleaning method will really get all the resin out of MY parts - but I am a bit of an odd duck. :grinning:

I do like the post cure box! I would probably put my parts in a beaker of water while it cured.


@OwenSmithyman We have a post-curing product called CUREbox that we introduced in January. CUREbox has 365nm and 405nm energy as well as time and temperature control. It is controlled by a touch UI and has presets for Formlabs resins and others (including Ember) coming soon via firmware update. We’re working with Colorado Photopolymer Solutions on Ember presets now. The whole idea behind CUREbox was to bring consistency to the UV post-cure process at a reasonable price. You can learn more about CUREbox at


Hi Owen,

Not sure if this post is still alive but I was wondering if you took average light intensity readings (mW/cm²) from the NextDent box? My company is looking into buying one but I have not been able to obtain this information from the company.



I have been using the CUREbox for over 6mo and really like it.


I have an Egger UV oven with Nitrogen (never use it) that is really better for curing (in our case) monitor shells
than it is for post curing

we hand pour in ear monitors (50 sets at a time) and mostly use a glycerin bath in the oven
I do find when using glycerin on clear shell monitors it can muddy them up a little.

But all is beautiful when we spray a bio UV lacquer on them