Positive effects of temperature increase


Some time ago, I was having an issue with my Z axis binding and making a clicking noise.
Owen and Cappie shorted me out promptly. They provided me with a replacement linear drive, but as a temporary fix to save me from downtime, they had me adjust the set screws on the carriage and increase motor’s current.

We really had to bump up the voltage and this resulted to the stepper running warm, (but not hot).
My issue was temporary addressed, to the point that I did not bother swapping the axis yet.

Reason I m writing this is to report that heat from the stepper transmits through the panels and warms up my tray and resin. Not only viscosity is positively affected, but I also observe a better print success rate and quality

The new polypropylene trays have good heat tolerance, I m flirting with the idea of adding a small heat source to bring up and keep the temperature below 30C.


Interesting! let me know if you go through with this and the end results.


Interesting indeed! This might also help people trying to print with viscous non-Ember resins like Formlabs resins.