Plans to make print studio to support open source printers?


I was wondering if there were any plans to make print studio so that you can setup a custom printer so those of us with open source/home made printers would be able to use this software? It seems to be fairly solid, and was wondering if there were any plans to try to allow users to input their machines constraints and filament size, making it fully custom for a machine?


That’s an excellent idea, but unfortunately we can’t do it. Apparently there’s sensitive intellectual property within Print Studio that needs to be protected. However, Netfabb may be able to do exactly what you’re asking. It has “machine workspaces”, which are custom configurations for specific machines. You can load the “Generic FDM Machine” workspace (NOT the “generic open machine” workspace) and then customize it to your specifications. Netfabb’s documentation is still not terribly easy to use, so my Ember Netfabb video may help you get around the interface. Hope this helps!