Per-Layer print settings


I followed the instructions on "How to define per-layer print settings" but nothing changed. Is there something in the printsettings file that I need to change , like the pattern mode where you have to add a line of code?


Hmm, can you post a screenshot of your layersettings.csv file?



Not sure if you can read the above, trying an 'insert image' instead of copy>paste.


I have a new layersettings file that seems to be working. I eliminated rows 2 and 3 since they are notes, and reduced the number of items I'm trying to change per layer to the bare minimum.


Great, glad to hear it's working. Notes shouldn't be a problem, but in getting it to work you're smart to get rid of anything but the minimum and work your way from there. It helps to copy and paste settings from the settings file to avoid misspellings.


Hi Scott,

A little late, but do you still have the layersettings file that works for you? If so, could you please attach a screenshot of the same? I am also trying to change the exposure time for one single layer through layersettings.csv, but nothing changes during the print.



See attached…layersettings.csv (2.9 KB)

Important to note:

  • I have Burn-In layers set to 0

  • This is for a dual resin print - the first layers are clear and flexible, the remaining are black and more rigid.

  • The exposure times are resin specific - in my case Molecule Pt Clear and a custom mix of Molecule Pt Orange and PR-57K.

  • The layer thickness is 50 microns

This layersettings file has a few advanced things happening:

  1. Changes in the ModelSeparationRPM - to give the first few layers more torque to overcome sticking
  2. Changes in the ModelApproachRPM - to control the tray rotation speed for the first few layers to avoid bubbles on the ‘build layers’ and give me more opportunity to watch the build.
  3. Changes in the ModelZLiftMicrons - on layer 7 I am lifting the build head to the ‘inspection height’ so I can stop the print and change the type of resin from a flexible to rigid.
  4. ModelExposureSec - chaging the exposure time for various reasons.
  5. ModelApproachWaitMS - I give more time here to allow the resin to be fully evacuated between layers since I am printing with very large cross sections at each layer (thick solid blocks). I find that if I don’t give my prints more time, the resin is still moving under the build head when the exposure starts, leading to print failures.
  6. ModelApproachMicronsPerSec - speeds up the build head approach after I have raised the build head. I find that 5000 is the fastest I can move the build head.
  7. Ignore ModelSeparationWaitMS - doesn’t do anything.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
The bubbles on the build layers was also a problem for us.