Only Printing Base Supports - PR48 Clear Resin



A while ago, I printed a part successfully using the Ember printer and PR48 Clear resin. Today I tried to print the same part using the .tar.gz file, but only the base supports on the build head were printed. What does this mean and how do I fix it? Also, is there a way to figure out what the print settings (wait time, exposure time, etc) of the tar.gz file are (just through the tar.gz file)?

Also, I had a couple other questions.

  1. I have been saving the unused resin from the tray and resuing it. How many times can I do that?
  2. Initially, I was completely cleaning out the tray by carefully wiping it (very careful around the PDMS window). Is it ok if I make sure there is no resin on the PDMS window, but don’t completely wipe out the rest of the resin tray?

If these questions have already been answered, can someone direct me to that thread?

I really appreciate your time.



You can unzip the file and check the bitmap images and the setting file.


Brackets [] works well for viewing and modifying the settings file. In Windows, you will always need to tell it to open in Brackets since there is no file extension on the layer settings file.