Nextdent materials


Does anyone tried nextdent printing materials, I tried to print, but my ember jammed in the middle of process, i used custom strategy for printing, but i think this material needs more print settings to change. could anyone help me here? for example exposure time and other advance setting. Thanks in advance.


I don’t have any experience with Nextdent, but offer these suggestions:

  1. If your model has varying cross-sectional thicknesses, try increasing the ApproachWait times. If the Z thickness starts to build up it may cause jamming.
  2. Decreasing exposure time can help if the layers are sticking too much to the PDMS.
  3. Check the PDMS for clouding. FTD resins reacted very quickly and the print started to fail halfway through the build of the 2nd print. Not sure if Nextdent is compatible with the PDMS.


Thanks Scott. I succeeded yesterday, swiper kit helped to prevent from material sticking i think. But finaly the result was not good. I got very inaccurate object.

People from Nextdent told me they worked with ember team together to get ready material for Ember printer, but Pierre from Ember team didn’t answer to my e-mail