Netfabb Premium Capabilities


I have started my 30 day free trial of Netfabb Premium. I am trying to make the best out of it by trying to implement all resolution enhancers discusses in the “High-fidelity 3D printing” video. In the slicing settings, Netfabb Premium gives you the chance of selecting: supersamples per dimension, blur radius, and surface noise level. I have a few questions, based on the info in the video and the menue in Netfabb Premium:

  • What is the supersampling startegy used in Netfabb Premium? I do not think we can choose one. I realized the video discusses uniform and Hammersley sampling, among others, and how they can achieve different results. It would be great if we could have the chance to play with these features

  • How about the different filters? The Gaussian filter seems to give outstanding results when compare to the box filter. Maybe that’s something we should implement outside Netfabb, like in Photoshop?

  • How about the gamma corrections? Those definitely made a difference. Is there a way to play with that?

Thanks in advance!


The Ember workspace for Netfabb (all tiers) uses box-filtered uniform supersampling. The benefits of the alternatives were not clear enough to justify the implementation and run-time costs. You would need to implement your own slicer to play with features like that.
You can experiment with different gamma corrections by post-processing Netfabb’s slice images, e.g. in a Processing sketch.


Awesome, thank you!