Netfabb - How to import with origin


I have a simple question:
How do I import a part in Netfabb without tranlsating its origin?
I need its exported location coordinates to be maintained.


What software are you exporting from? It may be the case that when STL files are created, their origin defaults to the bounding box around the part. Does your software have a coordinate system that tells you a part’s coordinates in space? If so, you could achieve the same result by importing the part into Netfabb, right clicking and choosing Move (aka Translate Parts), and then entering the coordinates there.


I use Rhino3D, amongst others.

When I export a file, its space coordinates are maintained, unless I choose otherwise, (Command: _ExportWithOrigin) It looks to me that Netfabb disregards coordinates and uses bounding box left bottom corner as an origin. Now, if I export it from Netfabb and import it to Rhino, the previous coordinates are lost and everything defaults to bottom left corner.

I can import it to other software, including Print Studio and it will be in the same coordinates relative to Origin. PS’s origin is the center of the platform, Other software’s origin is the bottom left corner, bot none of them translate parts without my intervention.

Please correct me if I misundestood, but if you are suggesting I should manually type the 3 axis coordinates of my bounding box bottom left corner for every single part I m trying to import, it is not a valid solution.


Ah, I see now. I’ll try to find out how to do this in Netfabb.


Would you send me one of your exported STLs so I can do some testing? You can post it here or email it to