Netfabb ha?


I was amazed with last Friday's Youtube video, announcing that Netfab can take over Ember's slicing and printing ! I had no idea this was in the pipeline.

I see that pattern mode is already implemented, supporting the full area of print platform! So I 'm boarding this train to see what the advantages are.

I can't help noticing the slicing time is way, way more than PS, but I won't complain about that. I first need to compare results between PS and Netfabb.

First question that immediately comes to mind, is what are the premium features that would require Ember users to pay the hefty price for using Netfab? I started the application without license checking and the pattern mode was greyed out ???

Print Studio no longer supported?

After enabling pattern mode and starting Netfabb without license I had my models come out cropped.

Pattern mode was enabled, yet slices were 1280x800.
It looks like a bug to me, please have a look into it.


Unfortunately, the bug is that Pattern Mode is appearing checked despite being disabled (greyed out). Pattern Mode is only available in Netfabb Premium and Ultimate, and because it is now a premium feature, it will not be implemented in Print Studio.

The Ember features that are only available in Netfabb Premium and Ultimate are:

1. Saving print data to file only (when no Ember is connected)
2. Analysis options beyond Standard Analysis
3. Pattern mode, blur, noise, and supersampling with other than 4 samples per dimension


Well, I that is quite a business model:

1 - Use a projector with a diamond array DMD to lower cost,

2 - Develop a remarkable solution to overcome that limitation,

3 - Charge a premium software subscription to overcome it,

4 - Profit !

In the meantime, Envisiontec is using the diamond pixel array as negative advertising to promote their line of printers:


Sorry about that. It's still better than not having pattern mode, and it's less expensive than an EnvisionTec printer. I'm a little surprised to see them calling out their competitors by name and saying that their printers make bad prints.

Our projector was designed by Wintech with 3D printing in mind, and the diamond array DMD is primarily there to reduce the physical size of the projector, although I'm assuming it does lower the cost as well.

On a lighter note, I'm glad you liked my Netfabb video!


Pattern mode for $1000/year + $750 UV Meter + (how many) trays/year?
What else Autodesk is going to ask us to buy next? :)
It does not add up well at all.

Indeed I liked your Netfabb video Owen :)

Here is another link comparing diamond pixels to square ones:


I don't understand... So the printer that we BOUGHT will be capable of printing higher quality parts but in order to do so we will need to pay again more than half of the cost of the printer PER YEAR because of the SOFTWARE?

You are charging 4.360$ PER YEAR for a software that prepares prints? Fusion360 Ultimate costs 1.320$ and it's Autodesk "final solution" for engineering design!!

I'm very disappointed. I understand that if someone wants a tool to analyze, repair or optimize automatically their designs could pay more, but the printer should print by default at the highest quality possible.

What will be next, paying for firmware update? Charging for resin print settings?


Another feature that awaits to be software implemented (for more than a year) is the mask adjustment.

Is it also going to be a "premium" feature?


It does contradict with Autodesk's mission statement that they are bringing the "Android of 3D printing"

Here is an article from 2014, containing a quote from Carl Bass himself:


I apologise for the multiple posts, but I just remembered the promise of Windows printing directly to Ember, what happened to that?


Just to complete this issue, I agree that it would be much nicer to have Pattern Mode be convenient in addition to being free, and I’m sorry that we aren’t putting it in Print Studio.

That being said, the original Pattern Mode script is still, and will always be, free to use. @scott_chabineau is actually working on modifying it to make it more user-friendly. I’ll see if he’s up for starting a new thread for that project.


See here


I haven’t been back to Processing script for a while, but all indications are that it is very limiting in how to work with files on a network.

I have tried NETFABB basic, and frankly don’t like if very much yet. I’ll have to keep at it I suppose - but don’t ever see going to a paid license. If I was using the Ember to make money like @Yannis_Vauthier, maybe I could justify it.