Mold for PDMS window


as promised, here is the mold for PDMS window. designed by Jannik Peters.

bottom and top mold. printed on Dimension machine. you can print on Eden or Objet, just make sure the support material won’t get in touch with the PDMS, it will make the PDMS not able to cure.

put the glass in the bottom mold. then carefully pour some PDMS around the edge so that it seal the glass. put the whole thing in the oven for 20 min (150F). no need to put the top mold on for now.

After that take the bottom mold out, put the top mold on. pour the PDMS in till the PDMS reach to the surface of the mold. you might wanna level your oven so that the PDMS is flat.

(I manually drilled the hole a bit bigger later. it’s updated in the file already). After another 20 min in the oven, the PDMS should be cured.

remove the top mold.

get the PDMS window

then screw it back on the tray

Mold_Bottom_1.stl (112.0 KB)
Mold_Top_1.stl (36.8 KB)


Thank you so much for the Mold for the PDMS Window!




Very Cool I will be giving this a try!


what type of glass did you use?


take the glass from the old tray. clean it well


Is there anyway you can print the mold for me? This is bigger than Ember can hold and I don’t have another 3d printer. I will pay you some money for your trouble if you are willing to print this for me.

Thank you so much for your help!



If Jifei is busy, I would try Shapeways or Fictiv – they should be pretty economical.


@J_O Thank you for this. May I know how many grams or ml of part A and B you need to make one pdms window? Thank you!

UPDATE: I figured out that it takes about 20-25ml of PDMS to make one window. Do you use a vacuum chamber before putting it into the oven? Mine had bubbles and the pdms separates from the glass, too.


How do you prevent PDMS from getting separated from glass? Ember support told us that they use Wacker Primer G790, but it is not sold in US. Is there anything else anybody use? Thanks,



does anyone have a supplier
for PDMS (article number, manufacturer)
thank you for your help



I use this :


Thanks for your help