Hi. So I am trying to print micro hairs for a fellow student and I cannot seem to do so. My current understanding is that the ember doesnt like long thing structures and large flat surfaces. I have tried tilting the piece to make the printing cross section smaller but the smaller and thinner hairs do not print well. Is there any tips on how to print this if even possible? The thinnest hairs are about 10 microns in diameter i believe


Conveniently, @J_O is an expert in this and may be able to give you some advice. Here’s his group’s paper on printing hairs, which has a lot of useful information.

Reading your post again, 10 micron hairs won’t print well because Ember’s XY resolution is 50 microns. You’ll also probably want to use Pattern Mode.


My apologies. I was correct that the thinnest hairs are 300 microns and the thickest are 1000 microns


That should work… you may want to trying increasing your exposure time and/or LED current if they’re not showing up well. And definitely print them pointing straight up. I also see in your first screenshot that the base is sitting on a bunch of supports. That’s not necessary – you can delete them and move the base down to the surface of the build plate.


for the large area you should use the Variable Strength Exposure to add the gradient to the bitmaps.

100 micron should be printable. make sure the exposure is 3 or 4s depending on how cloudy your PDMS is.

lemme know if this is helpful


Also, if I am using Formlabs flexible resin aka prototype polymer resin are there any recommended settings for that?


Here are a couple threads that may help:

General wisdom suggests increasing the exposure time and reducing the rotation speed.


And increasing the Wait Time before exposure.