Micro Structures (0.11mm / 0.004") not printing perpendicular to build head


My latest attempts to print an array of micro parts is nearly successful with one persistent problem. I cannot seem to get them to print vertically straight. The parts are not showing a stair step that would indicate the layers are not aligned, but the parts just come out bent in one direction. The bend is always the same direction and is consistent across the entire built area, and repeats for every part built.

(PS - I’m not too concerned about the ‘artifacts’ on this print as I know I just need to adjust the layer separation speed and/or exposure values)

I am using CMYK Black.
I have tried printing @ 5 and 10 micron layers.
I have a custom Layersettings.csv file for various reasons.
I am lifting, not sliding during the ModelLayers.
I am using PatternMode

If anyone (@J_O?) can give me insights or want to try to replicate this, see the attached ZIP file.
02-53728 rev10 test parts.zip (137.0 KB)


I see you have approach and separation at 10 RPM, I feel it is related.
Could you try a print with greatly reduced speeds and compare?

Edit: Please disregard, I did not realise you wrote you were lifting, not sliding


thanks for the thought anyways :slight_smile:


Wow, I am continually impressed by how far you are able to push this machine.

I was thinking that the tray could be rotating ever so slightly between layers, but then I’d expect to see stair-stepping. It could be under-exposure, except then I’d expect them to droop randomly, not uniformly. It looks like the stepped base of the part prints straight, but then at the smallest point where it connects to the bowling pin structure, it starts to bend. Could that point be made slightly thicker? It still doesn’t address why they’re uniformly bent, though.


I’ve tried several things including making the attachment thick, still same result. It does seem to be happening at the same ‘height’ though. If I make the part taller, the ‘bend’ seems to take place near the same Z height. Then the part straightens up. I haven’t yet taken this to the extremes by making the support pillar 1mm tall. I guess I’ll try that next.