MakerJuice G+ Black


I want to report my findings on MakerJuice G+ Black.

  1. It has a faster reaction time than PR57-K, but it’s not lightning fast.
  2. It can cure thicker layers better (less photo-inhibitors?), but will likely suffer from light bleeding into really fine details.
  3. It has low viscosity so it cleans up really easy and the wait time between exposures can be reduced.
  4. It is pretty brittle, similar in feel to PR57-K - maybe a little tougher (anecdotal).
  5. Unfortunately, it is NOT compatible with PDMS. After one print using 100um slices for 955 slices, the window has become clouded.

Also, I found a lot of floating black flecks in the resin. I shook the bottle vigorously thinking this was unmixed colorant, but is never mixed fully.

Stronger Resins

Yuck. Thanks for testing this resin and reporting your findings! Too bad it’s not great.