Looking to purchase an Ember


Hi there,
I am looking to purchase an additional Ember printer, either new or second hand. If anyone has one for sale please get in touch.
Many thanks in advance,


I’m an ex EMBER dealer.
We have one EMBER available in stock, it is new.

Marco Novello


Let me check to see if we’re allowed to sell ours. The one we have is mint condition, extra tray, extra liter of resin. updated to the 3.0+ newer software and latest stock tweaks to the board and motors, work was performed by Autodesk and sent back to us.
All matching numbers, all original packaging included.


We have an ember with under 20 hours on ours that we are interested in selling you can contact us at Kirk@collapseindustries.com We also have the light meter probe as well we would be willing to sell.


I’m also looking to buy Embers and I have no issues repairing a used one.
If anyone has unwanted Embers, please let me know.


I too am looking for an Ember (or multiples)!



I’m looking to purchase an Ember printer (new or used), too.
If someone is willing to sell his ones, please contact me (bendler@comprisetec.de)



Im selling my perfect condition ember. Any takers?

Shoot me an email: flickgeek@yahoo.com