Lines in the prints


So finally after modifications to my support settings. I ran these two prints hollow and had these errors. The tray is pretty fresh any ideas gentlemen?


First - like the work! zbrush?

As to the issue: I wish I knew. Honestly, I see this on a lot of my prints. But since I’m not concerned with aesthetics, I’ve never bothered to sort it out.

Here are just a couple of ideas:

  1. Supports not rigid enough for certain layers, allowing the already built model to shift slightly. The tray rotation used to separate the layers may make this worse as the model is alway seeing lateral forces. It may be that for some layers the model moves with the rotation and doesn’t make it back into position for the next layers.
  2. Z height position accuracy. If for whatever reason, there is an inaccuracy in the Z height, this would cause lines. I see wave patterns in my layer thicknesses from time to time. I usually attribute this to large cross section areas with incorrect wait times. No proof though…
  3. Power surges or drains. If the power spikes of drops during a print, I would imagine the LED power could be affected. I don’t know to what extent this is handled internally on the Ember. If this is the case, it would mean we should hook up our Embers to a UPS with power conditioning.


Scott it had supports out the wazoo! As for power we have all our printers on voltage regulation. I do have new power supply I can hook it up to. It appears as these lines show up as a jam warning appears. the piece is hollow and not a giant cross section.


Glad to see that you’re printing parts! I’m not sure why a single line would appear like that. If it’s due to jamming (and perhaps subsequent minor misalignment), you could try increasing your motor voltage a bit to prevent the jamming.


What does changing the Separation slide maximum jerk do? Would it help to smooth out the separation speed? Maybe it helps to have a slow ramp up in speed during the separation to give the model a bit more time to break free.

You can also try just reducing the RPM’s for the model layers to help overcome the jamming.


owen remember last time I did ember surgery lol


Ill give that a shot


Don’t worry, for this one you just have to take off the front panel.


Slowed the Rpm by one second. Had issues with this one earlier in the week and look no lines!




Cool Beans!!!