Limitation for diameter/height ratio when printing cylinder


Hello. I am trying to have a model printed using Ember, and I was wondering what the limitations were for the ratio of the height and diameter of a cylindrical model. In particular, if I were to print a cylindrical body with a diameter of 200 μm, what is the maximum height of the cylinder that can be printed without the cylinder snapping?


Hmm, good question. We haven’t tested that specific experiment, @scott_chabineau may have. I’m guessing it would be at least 500 µm…


If you’re only printing a single cylinder, then I would avoid the tray rotation and just pull up. Then the height to diameter ratio is much less of a problem. I personally haven’t tested this for it’s limits, but have printed parts near 200um diameter about 3mm tall. The challenge is getting the first layers to stick. I use a “raft” feature.


Hello. I would be printing around 30-40 cylinders in between two square plates…would you be able to provide me with an estimate for the height of the cylinders in that case?