Last Layer (Model's Top Surface) Not Generating


Print Studio 1.6.5, Mac OS X, Dremel Idea Maker

I’ve tried slicing models using Dremel3D (unusable crap output containing several distorted layers), Simplify3D (incorrect output with hollow areas being filled in), and now Print Studio. The model’s last layer top surface is showing as empty (not generated) in the sliced preview. Other top surfaces lower in the build are properly filling in solid. Shouldn’t the top-most surface be getting filled in and look blue like the other surfaces? In the images below, notice the top surface of the two small blocks and the round tube and how they’re not filled in after slicing. What am I not doing correctly?

Unsliced model:

(Okay, dammit, apparently I can only put one image in a post - stupid - so I’ll try putting the sliced preview in a separate post.)


Sliced preview:


I don’t have a dremel - nor have I used PS for an FDM machine. However, is it possible that the layer thickness vs. the height of the model is giving this error? Another way to say this: Is your model height evenly divisible by your layer height - or do you end up with a last layer that is less than the layer height?
It shouldn’t matter - just something to check.


I’ve never had to worry about the model height being a multiple of the layer thickness, and I highly doubt everybody making 3D models designs in factors of layer height. It doesn’t really matter because Print Studio doesn’t provide enough access to the machine settings to be useful, it’s only slightly better than Dremel3D. I finally figured out what the issue was with Simplify3D and got my models slicing correctly. Print Studio has severe lag on my machine (and none of my other applications do) so it’s probably going to end up being deleted.