Issues with opening a file in Print Studio


I have previously had problems with opening Print Studio (the screen would turn black and not allow me to press any of the buttons at the to- ie. file, view, help, etc.). I’m a student at a school and so we talked to our IT people, we believed that they had fixed it by installing the autodesk Inventor program to import stl files to Print Studio. However, afterwards while trying to import an stl file, once I selected the file, the screen did the same thing: turned black and froze. The Print Studio home screen won’t come up. What’s going on? How do I fix it?


I’m not sure as to what is causing your issue with print studio but are you by any chance using Windows 10 Creators Update? There may be compatibility issues with print studio. One option would be to follow the guide typically at the top of every page relating to the Windows 10 creators update or even using another program that is able to export to your corresponding printer (Sorry I don’t know any off hand).

Best of luck with your issue!