Is there a way to create a lattice support structure?


Is there a way to create a support lattice in Print Studio or Meshmixer?
I am printing what is essentially hearing aid shells and dont want to print one set at a time.


Print Studio can’t do it, but MeshMixer can – here’s a video I found:

There’s also the Spark Lattice Infill Tool, which was abandoned but still can be made to work:

From that tool, you can export an object and import it into Print Studio multiple times.

Autodesk Netfabb also has a lattice infill tool. It’s a premium feature, but there’s a 30 day trial, which may be of some use to you.

Best of luck!


I think I explained that wrong!
I am looking for a lattice structure to do larger build quantities.
Like a hotel with each floor housing a set of ear molds.

a vertical lattice

That make sense?


Do you mean a verticle pattern with supports attached? @Yianni-VJ or any of the other jewelers would find this useful and likely have a method, but nothing like that exists in PrintStudio.


Yes I think thats it.
Basically a parking garage shape…lol