Installing Firmware caused Ember to fail to reboot


Can someone help me. My customers Ember fails to reboot after a firmware update yesterday.
Can we revert to the previous version? Any help would be appreciated.
The firmware loaded yesterday was - smith-3.2.20160930.1


Hi Mick

If you have The firmware version 3.0 on MicroSD card, perhaps you can fix the issue by installing it with the normal procedure.

Since I have the problem that I cannot install the Firmware 3.2 in any of the suggested ways, I am wondering in which way you installed the Firmware 3.2 update?

Are you able to log in to Because for me, that website is not running at all.


Hi thank you for reply.
How do I get hold of the firmware version 3.0? The new firmware version was installed I believe the the Web interface through Chrome.
I am also not able to log into


I recieved the MicroSD with the Firmware 3.0 with the Ember Purchase. You can try to order one here, however it is questionable if you will recieve one due to lack of support. Unfortunately, I do not know of any other way to get the 3.0 firmware or the SD card.


Your help thus far has been great thank you.